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About American Teeswater Sheep

Teeswater sheep are a dual purpose breed, with outstanding conformation, and amazing unique fiber brings top dollar from fiber artists. We are proud of all our breeders who are working diligently o establish this lovely breed here in the United States. The ATSA was established to recreate the Teeswater breed here in the the United States and Canada when importation of live amimals was banned.

BREEDING . . . Teeswater lambs are produced via live cover, or artificial insemination with semen. Some semen has been imported from the UK and New Zealand. Using similar breeds to begin the breed up process allows for six generations of upgrading. If breeding is continuously improving the blood percent of the stock, the more closely aligned the Teeswaters become to the original breed established in the UK.

UPGRADING AND BLOOD PERCENTAGES . . . This is one of the rams whose semen was collected, frozen and imported from the UK. The collection process for frozen semen is very lengthy and some years no semen comes into the US. Rules change and protocols differ. How wonderful to have been able to reproduce this breed here in the states from the ground up. Now there are ATSA animals who have reached purebred status, conform to our Standard of Excellence. We also have animals who have been tagged by the UK association and have gained entrance into their flockbook as UK Teeswaters.

IN THE SHOW RING Teeswaters excel in the show ring. Breeders have chosen outstanding ewes to begin their flocks, and utilized champion stock via frozen semen and domestic breedings. They make quite a splash especially if shown in long unshorn fleeces. Their natural balance and excellent conformation place them ahead of the pack.

TEESWATER SHEEP ARE LISTED AS ENDANGERED The Livestock Conservancy has included Teeswaters in their program. They are a rare breed that is considered endangered. ATSA breeders participate in the 'Shave 'em to Save 'em' program that seeks to make folks aware of rare breeds and adding value to their fiber.

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EXTRAORDINARY FIBER Teeswater's are a long wool breed. Their unique fiber has lovely, soft locks which keep thier curl as individual locks. The sheen is amazing, and the fiber coveted by fiber artists of all diciplines.

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