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Executive Board Members

Active members of the ATSA can submit applications to run for a Directorship seat on the Board. When a Director's term is up,  their seat becomes available and any Active member may self nominate to run for that Directorship. Terms are for three years. Normally we call for nominations at the end of the summer.  The Executive Board positions are elected every year after the Annual Membership Meeting, and are elected by the Board. You do not need to be a Director to come to meetings and impact the Association. Please become involved!

Holly Partridge

President for  2023

Director term ( 3 years) ends 2026


Teeswter show win 2022.JPEG

Sheryl Meacham

Vice President for 2023

Director term ( 3 years) ends in 2026


Gwenyth Glynn Longwools


Teeswaters are my favorite breed even though I first started with Wensleydales in 2005 and added Tees to my flock in 2008. I have a wealth of knowledge about the breed and have been fortunate to see and touch them first hand in Yorkshire,UK  a couple of years ago, which has helped direct my breeding decisions.
I show my teeswaters every year at sheep shows here in the Midwest and do my best to promote the fiber in the six fiber shows I participate in annually.

I would like to see our association more involved in the education and promotion of Teeswaters to increase our numbers and our genetic diversity now that we do, at long last, have access to more imported semen from UK rams, and I will continue to work to that end.


Brenda Anderson

Secretary for 2023

Directorship term (3 years) ends in 2025


Busy Ewe Farm and Fibers



I am the Head Shepherdess and CEO of Busy Ewe Farm & Fibers.  I started my business in 2018.  I purchased my first sheep in 2016 – learned more about Teeswaters and the registration requirements.  Switched from just fiber animals into raising Registered ATSA Teeswaters in 2019.  Purchased two sets of Starter Flocks from opposite ends of the US.  I come from a cattle ranch background with horses so sheep are a new kettle of fish.  Fell in love with my sheep and learning new farming methods and making sheep farming a good business model.   Besides raising sheep my cohorts are Trixie Doodle (Border Collie) Head of Ranch Security. Whiskey (Cat) in charge of rodent control, Chickens (Egg Producers) that sing a song and provide for the table, and Greg is the General Handyman and Bobcat Driver.

   Hobbies: Sheep, Quilting, Reading, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Gardening, and learning new crafts.


Sue Clausen

Director Canadian Rep through  2024


Clausen Fiber Garden


ED4CB602-72B1-4014-B7B7-B98332F4A8B9 (1).jpg

Rebecca Diwan

Director (three year term) through 2026  


Shepherdess, Fiber Artist  Orchard Acres Textiles


Growing up my mom and grandmother taught me many things about handy work.    I grew up longing to carry on the traditions of these crafts.  In the process I wanted our farm to tie us to the past, taking on Teeswater Sheep that are facing threatening low numbers.  Working to bring this farm back to life, as it sat empty for many years.   Farming is a new adventure for us, but one that has been in my past, my great grandfather was a shepherd in Spain long ago.  I feel privileged to have Teeswater Sheep with their calm personalities, and their sweet mothering skills, and fiber that shines wherever it is carried.  As a knitter I have always been taken with the wonder of fiber...that first glimpse of what can be created, the feel, the smell, the joy in your art. Fiber has been with me in my greatest successes and joys and in my greatest sadness.  I am happy that our small farm is working towards bringing back what once was; Teeswater Sheep, the art that fiber creates and a better understanding of the environmental footprint we carry.


Nan Leaman

Treasurer 2023 (Appointedr) 



Virginia Scholomiti

Historian (Appointed)

Tamara White

Junior Membership Liason (Appointed)


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