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The ATSA keep a Registry with all the pedigree’s of every animal that is registered with the ATSA.  Because we have a breed up program, pedigrees are incredibly important. They must be accurate on blood percentages and genetic background. We try to be very clear on our rules and guidelines, please don't hesitate to contact a board member if you have any questions.


Unlike many other breeds, the American Teeswater began to recreate the UK breed via artificial insemination with purebred UK semen.  Building an animal up for a minimum of six generations and working to achieve 96% Teeswater blood was the original goal. Keeping a standard of excellence in mind and striving to create the very best in American Teeswaters. Now we have the possibility of also importing UK embryo's and that will help our breeding programs achieve their goals. 


There are specific breed up and registration guidelines contained in our bylaws, that specify what animals are allowed into our registry. The registration of lambs must occur before they are 24 months old. Both sire and dam must be registered with the ATSA for lambs to qualify for registration. If semen or embryos are used, they also must be registered ahead of time with the ATSA. 


The breeder who owns the ewe and oversees the mating must be a current ATSA member and fill out the registration forms and/or transfer forms.  Animals my be registered and transferred in one transaction but require extra forms and payment. There are codon testing requirements for rams. and minimum blood percentages that must be met to be considered for registration. Once registered, you will receive an embossed registration certificate with your animal’s registration number to verify your animal is an American Teeswater.

GLM Registry provides access to online forms and submissions to members of the ATSA,  as well as receiving all mailed submissions. Go to to use the online method. They will also accept payment via Paypal, instructions are on their site.


Payment via check may be made out to ATSA and mailed to GLM. Registration Fees for  ATSA Animal registered up to 12 months of age  –  $ 5.00   ATSA Animal registered from 12 to 24 months –  $ 10.00


No animals over 24 months old are eligible for registration.

You may choose to download, print, fill out and mail submissions with payment to: GLM Registry, ATSA, 19508 Tiller Trail Highway, Days Creek Oregon 97429  Email:

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