Each animal submitted for registration must meet the registration/recording guidelines set forth in the ATSA by-laws. Additional documentation is required for all lambs resulting from AI service.

A Certification of AI service, signed by the technician performing the procedure needs to be included with the application. In order to avoid processing delays please make sure that all ewe tag numbers, service dates and ram information are included on the sheet signed by your technician.

All applications for ram registration must include proof of Codon 171 status. Progeny of any ram testing QR at Codon 171 are required to submit Codon status, irrespective of gender. No animal testing QQ at Codon 171 is eligible for either recording or registration.

The Foundation Registry

In addition to archiving the pedigree information of all foundation ewes incorporated into the Teeswater breeding pool, the Foundation Registry has been expanded to include cross-bred animals from eligible foundation stock. This modification is intended to allow breeders to improve foundation animal phenotype prior to introducing them into the Teeswater breeding pool, where high value offspring are often impractical to cull.

Membership in the ATSA is not required to register animals, however additional fees apply to non-member transactions. If you have questions or require additional infromation, please feel free to contact the Registrar.

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