The American Teeswater Sheep Association publishes a record of registrations for all sheep included in the Registry. Records are separated into two primary categories of Colored and White fleeced animals. Records of both the Record and Registered category are included within the respective flockbook sections. Ownership information is current as of the time of publication but is not frequently updated. An electronic file of the flock book is available at the link below for everyone to use, permission to reproduce is granted provided that information is not edited or altered. Printed copies of the Flockbook are available from the Association by request, the fee for a complete book is $25.00, yearly updates are $10.00 each.

The flockbook is based on information submitted by breeders in registration applications and includes information about the animal, its parentage, foundation breeding, color and ownership records. The status of the animal is based on the most recent reports from breeders and the ATSA requests that breeders provide yearly updates of their flock status in order to maintain as accurate and complete a record as possible.

In addition to the yearly publication, updates and corrections are included in an addendum to the flockbook, and the posted electronic version of the book is corrected, in order for breeders to correct records in the book, a written request must be submitted to the registrar.

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