*Special Announcement*

The Board would like to welcome new members Ken Leaman of Wild Rose Farm and Laurie Ball-Gisch of the Lavender Fleece to the Board. They are both filling 1 year terms with the Association and we are very excited to have their fresh perspective and energy.


Ken Leaman, DVM and his wife Nan live on Whidbey Island in Washington state. They have raised sheep for 35 years. Their flock of Teeswater, Wensleydale and Leicester Longwools and some crossbreeds of these fluctuates around 100 head. The focus has always been on quality fiber and overall hardiness. Ken is a large and small animal veterinarian and, in fact, met Nan because of s sick ewe. They have 4 daughters, 3 grandchildren and another on the way. Ken is interesting in improving the vigor and vitality of Teeswaters.


I acquired sheep initially because of my love of wool and weaving with handspun yarns, but I knew nothing about raising sheep - only that my passion for wool turned into a passion for sheep. This artist/educator turned shepherdess, lives life with a menagerie of magical, moving art every single day through my heritage and rare breed sheep: Icelandics, Leicester Longwools and Teeswaters. I fell in love with Icelandic sheep back in 1999 and it wasn't until I was looking to weave again - specifically fleece rugs -- that I discovered Leicester Longwools. Not only did their wool work perfectly for weaving, but their historical significance and rarity caused me to shift my focus from only Icelandics, to raising longwools. A neighbor acquired some Teeswater sheep and as soon as I saw them, I was totally smitten -- just like I was smitten 16 years ago with Icelandic sheep. While I didn't think I could afford the breed, I admired them greatly. When she told me she was going to sell off her flock, I searched my soul and bank account because the thought of them being dispersed to parts unknown distressed me greatly. It's taken a year, but finally I have been able to bring all of her Teeswater sheep here and am thrilled with them. I had just three ewes last year but they produced a set of twins and two sets of triplets. The lambs were hearty and vigorous and oh, so endearing. I find the Teeswater personalities to be calm, curious and friendly. I love their size -- I've always admired tall, long bodied, majestic and well balanced sheep. But the wool! Oh it is the wool that is absolutely thrilling to work with. Just as I have done with my other two breeds, I educate the public and our visitors to the unique and precious qualities of the Teeswaters. I have found the wool sells itself, (in fact, I have to selfishly save some for myself!). I hope to connect with other breeders to that we can share bloodlines so that we can all move towards producing healthy, sound and correct type Teeswaters into the future.Biography

The Board of Directors

The Board is comprised of a minimum of 5 active members of the Association and is responsible for the management of the Association. The Board is elected by the membership and serves a term of three years. The Executive Committee, comprised of the President, Vice-President and Secretary are elected yearly from the Board, by the Board members.


The ATSA is divided into four districts. District 1 includes the west coast states, District 2 includes the midwest, District 3 is comprise of the lake region states and District 4 represents the east coast.

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The members of the Board of Directors are elected from each of the 4 Districts, and one Board member serves at large. The Board may move one or more states to continguous districts from time to time to equalize the numbers of registrations in each district. In the event that no members from a district express interest in filling a Board position, a candidate at large will fill the position.


Prior to declaring their candidacy, a member of the Association must have registered sheep in the calendar year of their candiacy, must be current on their dues and have no disciplinary findings against them. Interested members shall submit a letter or email of nomination to the Assocaiton by August 1 of an election year. The Secretary shall ascertain the qualification of the candidtate prior to placing their name on the ballot. Directors must continue to breed and register sheep in each calendar year while serving on the Board.

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