The Association

The ATSA is one of two assocaitions in the United States involved with the registration of Teeswater Sheep. The ATSA was founded in 2007, and its registry contains the foundation registrations of Teeswater Sheep bred from 1997 thru 2013, until the formation of the Teeswater Sheep Society of North America. Since the split in the associations, separate records are kept by both associations. While the TSSNA currently recognizes ATSA pedigrees, the ATSA recognizes pedigrees of TSSNA animals with parentage registered with the ATSA. All other TSSNA registered animals can be recorded on a limited basis with the ATSA according to specific registration requirements.

The ATSA maintains separate registries for white, colored and foundation animals according to its by-laws. Information regarding foundation pedigrees and colored production are included with registration certificates or in the yearly flock book publication to assist breeders in pursuing their breeding goals.

The ATSA is currently exploring options to partner with the UK Teeswater Society and participate with the Rare Breed Survival Trust in maintaining as complete and accurate a record of the breeding population of American Teeswaters as possible. The ATSA believes that this level of record keeping is necessary to preserve the genetic integrity of the Teeswater sheep and to provide a viable genetic reservoir of Teeswater Sheep in the US in the event of catastrophic disease outbreak in the UK. Without strict adherence of some breeding populations to the UK standard, such an event could result in the irreversible loss of Teeswaters as we know them today.

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