In honor of the extensive contributions of founding member and past president of the American Teeswater Sheep Association, Myrtle Dow, the ATSA is dedicating a perpetual trophy to be awarded for Supreme Champion White Fleece at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY each year. The Myrtle Dow Memorial Trophy was presented for the first time this October 2015 at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York. The American Teeswater Sheep Association and friends of Myrtle Dow donated a memorial the cup in honor of Myrtle Dow and the outstanding contributions she made to the sheep world particularly in the founding years of the American Teeswater Sheep Association. The trophy was awarded to the Supreme Champion White Fleece which this year went to an outstanding Rambouillet fall ewe owned and shown by Heidi and Chuck Simmons of Wil-Hi Farms. Roy Dow of Black Pines Sheep, Eaton Colorado, presented the trophy in honor of his late wife, and was accompanied by Holly Partridge, Secretary of the ATSA. Following the presentation of the Myrtle Dow Cup, Roy Dow was presented with a special plaque honoring him for the years of commitment and dedication to shepherding.

The New By-Laws

The Membership recently voted to ratify a revised set of By-laws. The revised rules mark innovative changes to support breeders in developing and expanding their programs. Of special interest are the changes to the breed up guidelines, institution of expanded registry categories, exceptions for the use of 92% ATSA registered and QR rams in breeding programs and tracking of colored genetics in pedigrees.

The 2014 and 2015 Flockbook are coming

We are working on rolling out the 2014 and the 2015 flockbook updates, if you have any outstanding registrations or information or photos you would like included in the publication please contact the registrar or email them to to have them included.

2016 Breeding Exceptions

As part of the revisions to the by-laws, two annual exceptions to breeding rams have been instituted for the 2016 year. The first allows the use of ATSA registered rams with a minimum blood percentage of 92% to be used on acceptable foundation ewes for the 2016 breeding season, the other allows the use of rams testing QR at Codon 171 to be recoreded and used for breeding in limited circumstances according to the specific rules.

In order for progeny produced by foundation rams under the foundation ram exception, the ram must be approved. Additional information regarding submittal requirements are included on the Forms and Fees page.

UK Inspections

The UK Teeswater Association has issued new updates in the UK Inspection Guidelines, this information is being provided as a service for any interested parties, please contact Darrell Pilkington, the designated UK Teeswater Breeders Association liason directly with questions. Guidance of minimum requirements of sheep presented for Grading up inspection in USA.

The Foundation Ewe

Must have a white fleece & no coloured parents in its breeding.

3-generations of breeding by UK registered rams giving 87.5% Teeswater ewes. If a 4th generation lamb was available for inspection as well that would be an advantage.

Then if on inspection they satisfy the criteria of being of good Teeswater type then they would be accepted for grading up status to supplementary register.

If a ewe is accepted for the supplementary register, then a copy of its family tree will have to be provided before the registration will be accepted. This can be the owner’s breed record or a breed association certificate.

Owners & their sheep do not have to be members of any American Teeswater Association.

If a ewe on the supplementary register is then mated with UK registered ram its offspring both male & female may be registered in the UK flock book.

NOTES FROM THE INSPECTOR - Although the American Teeswater breeder’s records of the breeding of their sheep are helpful we have to rely on the breeders trust that the basic requirements are satisfied, the inspector will make his judgement more on the qualities of the sheep concerned, rather than the breeding records.


Any graded up or registered ewe that produces coloured offspring will be removed from the UK register along with any registered offspring.

If the chain of breeding is broken by the use of a non UK registered Ram, then the breeding chain will move back 2 generations for the female offspring produced.

Presentation for Inspection

The ewes to be inspected should be gathered in a small pen to allow close inspection & handling without to much stress. Then any selected ewes will have to photographed, so that the council can check the ewes before final approval. Therefore it will be better if any ewes presented are halter or hand trained for this purpose. It is detrimental to the ewe, if it is stressed, when held for the photographs & time consuming for the inspector waiting for pose to get a good photo.

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