The New By-Laws

The Membership recently voted to ratify a revised set of By-laws. The revised rules mark innovative changes to support breeders in developing and expanding their programs. Of special interest are the changes to the breed up guidelines, institution of expanded registry categories and tracking of colored genetics in pedigrees. READ MORE

The 2013 Flockbook is Available

The first edition of the flockbook, containing all ATSA registrations between 1998 and 2013 was mailed in March of 2015. The publication marks the culmination of months of work by the Registrar and members to update association records and provide as complete and accurate a record of historical pedigrees as possible. Among the information included in the flock book are UK ram pedigrees, ownership records, foundation breeding READ MORE

2015 Breeding Exceptions

As part of the revisions to the bylaws, two annual exceptions to breeding rams have been instituted for the 2015 year. The first allows the use of ATSA registered rams with a minimum blood percentage to be used on acceptable foundation ewes for the 2015 breeding season, the other allows the use of Codon 171 Rams to be recoreded and used for breeding in limited circumstances according to the specific rules. READ MORE

We Have a New Look

We are updating our webpage and adding a number of features to better serve our membership including online searchable pedigree databases, registration, events calendars and a revamped website. We apologize for any inconvenience and will try to make this transition as quickly as possible

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